Welcome to ColourLit!

Hello and welcome to ColourLit – I’m Makeda and I LOVE books!  Chances are that if you’re here you may be following me on Instagram (if not, why?!?!?).  Fed up of character limitations and the dreaded ‘Insta algorithm’ I decided to take things a bit retro and set up this website/blog.

I intend to use this site as a place to expand on my bookish musings, share details around bookish events and provide a space for like-minded people to express their bookish views!

As you’ll see with my site tag-line my focus is to “Shine a light on books about, or written by, people of colour” – this mission statement may evolve over time but for now its my main priority.

Thanks for taking the time to visit; feel free to like, comment and follow me on my other social pages 🙂

**Disclaimer – I doubt that I’ll be posting here daily but I do intend to put something up at least once a week.  Hopefully this will manage your expectations!**

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