Star Rating System

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5 Stars – Absolutely loved the book and writing style.  Would highly recommend it to others and would re-read without hesitation.

4 Stars – Enjoyable read with minor flaws or ‘lacking’ in something which meant it missed out on 5 stars.  Unlikely to re-read but would recommend.

3 Stars – A book I felt fairly neutral about – I neither loved or hated it.  Could possibly be pushed up to 4 stars if the writing style is really good.  Unlikely to recommend.

2 Stars* – Mediocre, less than average, middle-of-the-road, meh – all the adjectives that express my indifference.  Essentially its a book I could do without, although it may have some very minor redeeming qualities.

1 Star* – Did not enjoy the writing style or the story – struggled to complete.  A book that will either find it’s way to a charity shop or the recycle bin.

DNF (Did Not Finish) – A book that I failed to connect with on a number of fronts i.e. problems with the narrative, inauthentic language/dialects, lazy tropes, etc.  If I can’t make it to page 50 it will get relegated to the DNF pile and suffer the same fate as a 1 star rated book!

* I hardly give any books these ratings tbh – I’m more likely to DNF than rate this low.

**Please bear in mind that the above guide is highly subjective and is based on my preferences (including what matters most to me when reading) – you may think my 5 star ratings are trash and vice versa!